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    Welcome to Africa's Largest Entrepreneurs community forum

    Please tell us about yourself and what you do. Also go through other profiles introductions on this forum to know about them. You can follow, watch and like any profile to keep up with threads they post. Thanks. Have an amazing stay.
  2. Leadenpraise

    Please use a valid email address.

    Afro54 uses email addresses for a lot of things that pertain to our platform working correctly. If you do not have a valid email address attached to your profile, you risk your account being removed. Please note that your email address helps you recover your account in an event where you forget...
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    Coming soon

    We are preparing some newbie guides to help you have an easy routing on the platform. watch this thread.:love::love::love::love::love:
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    Fruits are in the season. Eat as many Mangoes as you can

    Fruits are in the season. Eat as many Mangoes as you can
  5. Leadenpraise

    You may want to read me first!

    Hello Everyone, This Thread will act like the rules and guidelines while considering to submit a thread under this category. First of all The most important thing first is to have a clear idea about what you're about to request. Template This is the template: Copy the below points inside your...
  6. Leadenpraise's Forums Terms & Rules

    Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love::love:
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    Update Your Profile Picture

    It's would be nice if we can know ourselves by face and not just by chat. Kindly, update your profile picture so members can easily know who they are chatting with. Remember we are trying to build trust among ourselves. Thank you
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    An Overview of Sections

    Hello, all of Afro54 members! The past few weeks have been quite a journey, as we try to make this platform user-friendly. We have learned a lot and are committed to improving the user interface of this platform. This section, "News and Announcements would be used purposely for making...